1. Each ad placed onBookbrokerz must be LEGAL: Do not place an ad that suggests paying

for sexual intercourse. By placing an ad, you are agreeing to our conditions of use. If your ad

makes reference to genitals or sexual intercourse it will be suspended from the site and you may be

banned from future use of Bookbrokerz.
2. Do not upload pornographic images with your ad. If you are not sure, do not upload your image.
3.BY using the services, you accept that Bookbrokerz has no responsibility for the content and use of

this section. Also, you accept that the Bookbrokerz team reserves the right to modify / suspend ads at will.

Each ad that is seen as not conforming to the spirit of the website will be suspended without prior warning.

Bookbrokerz also reserves the right to forward all your information (email, telephone number, IP address)

to the authorities should these rules be violated

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